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Different types of vape calculators can help you with various tasks involved in vaping.

For example, Ohm’s law calculators are often used to calculate the resistance of your coil or aqtomizer, coil wrapping calculators are helpful when rebuilding your atomizers, battery drain calculators show you how much power is being used by your e-cigarette, and mod range calculators can help you figure out which atomizer resistance will work best for your specific vape mod.

We also have a great converter for finding the relationship between different units of measure (millimeters, inches, fractional inches, and wire gauges).

Vape Calculators

Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Calculator

Vape Coil Wrapping Calc.

Calculate the size and number of wraps required to build an atomizer coil at the specific resistance you want.

Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Calculator

Coil Ohm Law Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator – Use to calculate resistance (Ohms), Power (wattage), and current (amps) for your vape setup.

Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Calculator

DIY E-Juice Mixing Calc.

Know exactly how much PG, VG, Nicotine, and flavoring you need for your own custom vape juice mix with this calculator.

Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Calculator

Cost of Smoking Calc.

See how much smoking costs you over a time period you select (Hint: It’s a Lot!), and it’s not only a financial cost!