The Vape Coil Wrap Calculator is an intuitive and user-friendly web-based tool designed to help vapers design their DIY atomizer coil to the spesific specifications they want. Input the wire’s gauge, diameter of the coil, and the length of the coil’s legs and the coil calculator can tell you exactly how many wraps is required to reach the specified resistance in ohms.

The Coil Wrap Calculator takes into account the diameter and resistance per foot of the selected wire gauge, ensuring accurate calculations based on the specific wire used. By providing a simple and effective way to calculate the number of wraps needed, this tool streamlines the coil building process, making it more accessible and enjoyable for both novices and experienced users alike.

Please be aware that the resistance provided by this caculator is a “estimate” and you will need to check the coil you built to know the exact resistance.

Coil Wrapping Calculator


The Coil Wrap Calculator estimates the number of wraps for a desired resistance. Keep in mind that actual resistance may vary. To ensure accuracy, measure the built coil’s resistance using an ohmmeter or regulated mod with built-in measurement.

Coil Wrap Calculator

Coil Wrap Calculator Instructions

Select the gauge of wire your using

Locate the “Wire gauge” dropdown menu. Click on it to expand the list of available wire gauges, and select the gauge of the wire you’re using for your coil by clicking on the appropriate option.

Enter the diameter of the coil wraps

Find the “Diameter of the wraps (mm)” input field. Enter the diameter of the wraps in millimeters using the keyboard or the up/down arrows next to the input field.

Enter the resistance you want your coil to be

Proceed to the “Coil Resistance” input field. Input the resistance you want your end coil to be in Ohms using the keyboard or the up/down arrows next to the input field.

Add the length of your coils legs

Move to the “Length of the coil’s legs (mm)” input field. Enter the combined length of both legs of your coil in millimeters using the keyboard or the up/down arrows next to the input field. The “legs” are the length of the coil from where it exits the wrap to where it connects to the atomizers terminals.

Calculate how many wraps your coil needs

After filling in all the required information, click the “Calculate” button to process your inputs and compute the total number of wraps you will need for your coil to be the resistance you specified.

Make adjustments if needed

The number of wraps your build needs will be displayed under the calculate button.


The longer the length of wire to your coil the higher resistance it will have. Adding wraps, longer legs, or a larger diameter all wiill increase the resistance of the coil. Having less wraps, shorter legs, or a smaller diameter will lower its resistance.