An e-liquid recipe calculator is a tool that calculates how much of each ingredient you will need to make the ejuice you want. To get an ejuice recipe, users just need to input some information like; total amount of ejuice they want to make, their desired PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, base nicotine strength and percentage of flavorings. 

The calculator will then show you how much of each ingredient required to create ejuice with the exact specifications they input. Using this calculator helps ensure vapers are making ejuice that has the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio they want and they don’t have to do (or know) any of the math.

Input eLiquid Recipe Details


The calculator assumes that both the nicotine base and flavoring mixtures contain PG.

eJuice Recipie Calculator Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to use the calculator for creating your own e-juice.

  1. Amount of eJuice to Make

    e juice recipe calculator instructions - How many Ml

    Specify how many milliliters (ml) of e-juice you are going to prepare in total, and then type that number with in the “Total Volume of E-Juice” box.

  2. Strength of Nicotine Base

    eJuice Calculator DIY Mixing instructions Step 2

    Enter the strength of your base nicotine mixture. Enter it in the “Nicotine Base Strength” box. A common nicotine strength for a nicotine base is 100mg per ml.

  3. Desired Nicotine Strength

    eJuice Calculator DIY Mixing instructions Step 3

    Choose the stength of nicotine you want for your final product in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Enter that amount in the “Desired Nicotine Strength” box.

  4. Select PG/VG Ratio

    eJuice Calculator DIY Mixing instructions Step 4

    Choose your preferred PG/VG ratio for your e-juice only entering the percentage of PG. So if you enter 100 PG that indicates the e-juice will be made up of propylene glycol, entering 60 PG will mean the e-juice will contain 40% vegetable glycerin.

  5. Total Flavorings

    eJuice Calculator DIY Mixing instructions Step 5

    In the “Desired Flavoring Proportion” box, choose the percentage of flavoring you want to use in your e-juice. This number should be the total of all flavorings, so If you plan on using many flavorings make sure the number accounts for them all. NOTE: Most e-juice makers use an average of 10 and 20% flavorinmg in their mixtures. But, different types of flavorings may need more or less. 

  6. Calculate

    eJuice Calculator DIY Mixing instructions Step 6

    Click the “Calculate” button to get the amounts of each ingredient needed to make your e-juice displayed under “results”.

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