Vapers use an Ohm’s Law calculator to determine the power output of their electronic cigarette device. The calculator helps them to find the safe and optimal settings for their device by considering factors such as the resistance of the coil, the voltage of the battery, and the desired current. By using an Ohm’s Law calculator, vapers can ensure that their device operates within safe limits, avoiding potential risks such as battery failure or overheating.

Ohm's Law Calculator

Enter any two values to calculate the others:

Calculator Instructions

  1. In the calculator above you will see four input fields for Voltage (V), Resistance (Ω), Current (A), and Power (W).
  2. Enter any two values in the correct input fields. You can enter values with or without units, as the calculator will still work regardless of units.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to implement the formula (V = IR), where V is voltage, I is current, and R is resistance, and the missing numbers should now be displayed.
  4. Feel free to try out more calculations by entering different values and clicking the “Calculate” button again.

NOTE: The calculator will only give you good results if you enter two values. If only one value is entered, the calculator will not be able to complete any calculations and will not display any new values.

How many ohms should a coil read?

A coil’s resistance is determined by a variety of factors, including the metal, the number of turns, the diameter, and the length of the wire used when wrapping the coil. Without all the information, it’s impossible to know what a coil’s resistance would be.

Typically, an ohmmeter is used to measure a coil’s resistance. Coils used for vaping usually will have a resistance between 0.20 and 2.0 ohms.   The resistance can be determined using the equation R = * L / A, where R stands for resistance, for the resistivity of the material used, L for the wire’s length, and A for its cross-sectional area.

It is important to remember that, among other things, a coil’s resistance can vary with temperature. That means that while vaping the resistance of your coil will change.